Let’s Get Slightly Better Acquainted

My name is Paul Faller (although to be honest if you’re here at this juncture it’s possible that you already know that), and despite my steadily increasing years I still cling on to the concept of being ‘post-teenage’. Being largely directionless at this point in my life, I find myself somewhat gainfully employed working at The Duchess in York. The questionable high-point of my non-existent journalistic career was writing a slightly rubbish blog for NME’s student guide, having previously worked as Co-Head of Music for Newcastle Student Radio. In a previous blog, I attempted to review an album every other day – I lasted about a month. You can find the detritus of said blog here. I have also written occasionally for Muso’s Guide – search for my name, if you care.

…and that’s about it, I guess.


4 responses to “Let’s Get Slightly Better Acquainted

  1. lontraboi

    it was not that cynical, this description of yourself Paul…, I enjoy your piece about Lisa Hannigan.

  2. Can I sign up by email? An album every other day is impossible with high standards set. Horrors, J.Foreigner, Dananananaykroyd … I like your taste!

    • letsgetcynical

      I don’t have an email signup thing unfortunately. I guess you can use the subscription feature of WordPress if you like though?

  3. scott



    there a bit like j-fo but a bit like bloc party as well x

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