International Artist Of The Whenever #2: Retro Stefson (IS)

I did warn you that there would be a distinct fixation on Icelandic bands in the early stages of this feature – but you might not immediately guess that Retro Stefson came from those chilly climes upon listening to their music.

Retro Stefson

Retro Stefson

An eight-piece group led by a pair of brothers (Logi Pedro Stefánsson and Unnsteinn Manuel Stefánsson), Retro Stefson throw elements of music from across the globe into one big Icelandic melting pot to create instantly catchy, danceable tunes – check out the effortlessly cool (and award winning) video for ‘Glow’:

Though debut record Kimbabwe definitely has its moments of brilliance (the anarchic afro-pop of ‘Kimba’ is particularly excellent), it’s on their most recent, self-titled effort that the band have truly begun to shine. From the blissed-out groove of opener ‘Solaris’ to the way ‘She Said’ just oozes confidence, Retro Stefson is a hit-packed record – the strutting electro-pop of ‘Qween’ and the impossibly infectious chorus of ‘Miss Nobody’ are just some of the other highlights.

In terms of UK goings-on, Radio 1’s Huw Stephens is clearly a fan of the band, having booked them in for a session at Madia Vale studios over the summer, as well as giving them a slot on his hand-picked lineup for the Lake Stage at Latitude Festival. While the band don’t have any UK shows lined up at this exact moment in time, hopefully the exposure they gained over the summer will see them hit our shores again sooner rather than later. Maybe in a joint tour with FM Belfast? Now that’d be a party and a half.

Retro Stefson is out now on Les Frères Stefson / Republic Of Music records. For more information about the band, check out their official website.


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