Local Artist Of The Whenever #20: Freaks + Geeks

At their debut performance at Fibbers playing main support at The Rodeo Falls’ headline show, Freaks + Geeks quickly established themselves as one of our city’s most exciting new bands, and have only gone on to live up to that reputation at numerous gigs since then.

Freaks + Geeks

Freaks + Geeks

Though the band itself is relatively new, its individual members may be familiar to you. Stu Allan (guitar/vocals) is the long-time frontman of The Blueprints, Sophie McDonnell (baritone guitar/vocals) now plays keyboard in that very same band, as well as being known as a solo performer and frontwoman of Hot Fudge, and you may well have seen Loz Goodacre (drums) playing the skins for Gaz Rowntree And The Silent Sea. Clearly they’re not ones to mess around, as they’ve already recorded a three-track demo EP at York’s Melrose Yard Studios – you can hear the fruits of their labour below.

The band’s songs combine the intensity of garage-rock with some White Stripes-esque flourishes and the indie-pop nous of Sky Larkin to create an instantly pleasing result. The EP flows from the breakneck pace of ‘Pulp’ to the anthemic ‘A Little Longer’ via the soaring vocals of ‘Patchwork’, demonstrating that they’ve clearly more multi-faceted than your average indie-rock band.

You can catch the band live in action in both York and Leeds this week – the Leeds show is at Milo’s on the Thursday 19th September (that’s tonight, if you’re reading this the day it goes up) and the York show is at The Woolpack on Friday 20th September. Both of these shows are freebies, which is always a bonus. Understandably, that may be a little short notice for you, but you can also catch them at Holy Trinity Church in Leeds on Saturday 5th October, and at The Fulford Arms in York on both Saturday 12th October and Wednesday 13th November. I’d recommend that you get down to any of these gigs if you can – Freaks + Geeks are already packing punchy songs and big ambitions, and they could well be going places sooner rather than later.

Check out Freaks + Geeks on Facebook here.


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