Site Update: New Regular Feature + Some Semblance Of A Schedule + External Writings

Evening all. Just a quick one to update you on a few things I have planned for this blog over the coming months. It’s fair to say it’s been a little neglected, as I’ve been busy with other things (and, let’s be honest, I’ve probably been a bit lazy too). So, I’m going to do a couple of things to try and motivate myself to get a regular stream of content going again.

Firstly, I’m going to revive my Local Artist Of The Whenever feature on a more regular basis – recently there have been many new bands cropping up in York who are more than worthy of discussion, so it’s not as if I’m short of material for it. Secondly, I’m going to start a second feature along the same lines, but for international bands who don’t yet have a great deal of recognition in the UK. Fittingly (or lazily) it’s going to be called International Artist Of The Whenever. I’ll warn you now that a lot of the early articles in this feature will probably be about Icelandic bands (largely due to the fact that I’m going to Iceland Airwaves at the end of October) – but that’s no bad thing, as you’ll soon discover if you keep an eye out in the coming weeks.

These two features will be part of some vague attempt to keep some sort of regular schedule – namely, I plan to do at least one article for either of those two features every week. Ideally, you’ll get both most weeks, but I’m pretty bad at updating this blog as it is, so baby steps first.

Finally, you may or may not know that I’ve been doing some festival coverage and other bits and bobs for Soundsphere Magazine over the summer, as well as recently starting to write for Drowned In Sound. For your convenience, I’ll link to all that stuff below:

Review: Sziget Festival 2013 (Soundsphere Magazine)
Review: Beacons Festival 2013 (Soundsphere Magazine)
Review: These New Puritans – Field Of Reeds (Soundsphere Magazine)
Preview: Iceland Airwaves 2013 (Soundsphere Magazine)

Review: Pinkunoizu – The Drop (Drowned In Sound)
Review: TRAAMS – Grin (Drowned In Sound)

That’s all for now folks – stay tuned, hopefully the aforementioned regularly scheduled content will start rolling out this week.


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