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Preview: Missing Kids – Girls In Their Twenties (EP)

Missing Kids

Missing Kids

You may remember that the first ever Local Artist Of The Whenever was a York-based band called Missing Kids. Equally, you may not remember that, and you may not even remember that said feature of my blog actually existed, but that’s beside the point. The point being that Missing Kids are back, and they’re now a three-piece, with original guitarist, vocalist and all-round lynchpin Dave Mudie being joined by Sam Coates on bass, with Danny Barton (moonlighting from his role as frontman of White Furs) rounding out the lineup on drums. They are a different band, and yet they are also very much the same band. If that sentence confuses you somewhat, here’s a new/old track called ‘Milk Teeth’ from their forthcoming EP Girls In Their Twenties that might help you make sense of things.

You see, ‘Milk Teeth’ is a long-time favourite of Missing Kids’ live sets, but it’s never been committed to record until now. By giving the track a lick of paint (or in this case, an additional helping of guitar fuzz) and enlisting local artist Jade Blood to provide some lovely backing vocals, they’ve given the song a fresh feeling while still maintaining its original poignancy.

Of course, there will also be brand new songs on the EP as well, and here’s one called ‘Felt’.

It’s clear from one listen that ‘Felt’ will slot seamlessly into the Missing Kids canon – it’s a sunny indie-pop anthem, buoyed by a relentless drumbeat and buzzing guitars yet lent a tinge of melancholy thanks to its bittersweet vocals. Expect to hear the above two tunes and two more besides when the EP comes out some time in August. The release comes via veteran York-based label Sea Records, who hope to have physical copies available for Missing Kids’ next live appearance on Saturday 10th August, when they play at The Woolpack in York alongside Scott & Charlene’s Wedding,Fawn Spots and H. Grimace.

As one of York’s most understatedly brilliant bands, it should go without saying that it’s a pleasure to see Missing Kids back in full force – their new EP sounds like one to keep an ear out for, if these two tracks are anything to go by.

Find Missing Kids on Facebook here.


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Local Artist Of The Whenever #19: Drive By Night

Drive By Night

Drive By Night

I’m once again stretching the definition of ‘local’ with this one, but Leeds-based four-piece Drive By Night are worthy of a little poetic license. Formed from the detritus of short-lived indie group Circles (who nevertheless bagged a slot at Leeds Festival before they split up), the band have only been in existence since the beginning of the year but are already making good on the promise shown by their former group. Indeed, they’ve already caught the ear of James Kenosha, who’s produced their debut single – having previously worked with breakout Leeds bands such as Pulled Apart By Horses, Dinosaur Pile-Up and Grammatics. And never let it be said I’m not right at the forefront of new music coverage, because here is that very single, ‘Play Fake’.

What do you mean it came out last week and you can download it for free from their Bandcamp page?

‘Play Fake’ arguably shows a more restrained side to Drive By Night than their early demo material did, building from sparse, staccato beginnings to an expansive sheen and held together by a surprisingly mature emotional hook. It’s propulsive and engaging without being too in-your-face – think a less histrionic Bloc Party, or some sort of happy medium between your favourite pop-punk band and Wild Beasts. The video reflects the varied tone of the song, with ultra-close-ups of the band contrasting with detached shots of a nighttime cityscape. It’s early days, but it’s quite possible that these guys have struck onto something rather special this time round.

Find Drive By Night on Facebook here.

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