Review: Islet – ‘Triangulation Station’

Islet - Triangulation Station

Islet – Triangulation Station

So last month, Shape Records were kind enough to send me the new single from Islet, makers of one of last year’s most intriguing albums, Illuminated People (which I reviewed for Muso’s Guide here). Of course, I then repaid that kindness by not getting round to talking about it until after it had already come out… sorry about that guys.

The single in question is called ‘Triangulation Station’, and as the title might suggest it sounds like three songs once. The opening act switches between a surreal, carnival-like ambiance, and a more progressive, math-rock influenced feel – the former all tumbling percussion and high-pitched vocals, the latter founded on skittering beats and half-spoken, almost stream-of consciousness lyrics. Halfway through, these two facets of the song begin to converge, with the end result being an energetic post-rock climax.

Islet – ‘Triangulation Station’

Perhaps even better is B-side ‘Inlet’, a more measured piece that menacingly hums along on hyper-distorted bass and pulsating synths, while Emma’s vocal takes on a more floaty, sinister tone . The end result straddles the line between soothing and haunting, as if the song is trying to lull you in to a false sense of security.

Islet – ‘Inlet’

The single also includes a couple of bonus remixes – a suitably chaotic take on the title track by Welsh musician and producer R. Seiliog, and Islet’s trippy take on a track by Danish neo-psych quartet Pinkunoizu entitled ‘I Chi’. All in all, more than enough delightful oddness on offer, and it’s an exciting taste of what’s yet to come from Islet.

‘Triangulation Station’ is available now on Shape Records, via Bandcamp.


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