Local Artist Of The Whenever #18: The Rodeo Falls

The Rodeo Falls

The Rodeo Falls

Y’know, it’s been so long that I did an article in this series that I actually had to go back and look up what number I’d got up to. But the debut performance by The Rodeo Falls on Friday night at Fibbers was incentive enough to dust off the much-neglected local music part of my blog. It’s not often I write about a band who are this fresh out of the gate, though The Rodeo Falls do have one advantage in that regard – they are lead by a familiar face on the York gigging circuit, one Marck Whiley. The artist formerly known as Marbled is back, revitalised and sounding better than ever, thanks in no small part the assistance of Dave (Guitar/Vocals), Mike (Drums) and Bob (Bass/Vocals).

The Rodeo Falls – ‘In For A Penny’ (Meantime EP version)

While a couple of songs from Marck’s previous musical adventures featured in the set (you can hear an early ‘Rodeo Falls’ version of ‘In For A Penny’ above), there’s also an abundance of new material on offer, and it’s the new songs that really define The Rodeo Falls’ country-tinged rock ‘n’ roll sound. But it’s early days and recordings of these tracks are likely to be some time away, so you’ll just have to take my word for it when I say that ‘Doctor Doctor’ jumpstarts into glorious technicolour after a beautifully low-key beginning. Or that Marck looked surprisingly comfortable half-singing, half rapping along to the spiky blues-funk of ‘Dyed In Wool’ – I think it’s the first time I can ever recall seeing him perform without a guitar. By the time set-closer ‘Put On Silver’ wrapped things up in raucous, barrelhouse-rocking style, it’s clear to see that this is the most fun Marck has had on stage in a good while, and his bandmates are enjoying themselves just as much. There’s no pretence here, just big grins, big choruses and the beginnings of an exciting new rock ‘n’ roll band.

If you want to see for yourselves, The Rodeo Falls are playing a free gig on Friday 3rd May at The Fenton in Leeds, supporting fellow York up-and-comers Pine For Cedars – the party kicks off at 8pm. York residents, be sure to keep an eye out too, as there’ll no doubt be more gigs coming up in the summer and beyond – and trust me, you’ll want to be there.

Find more information on The Rodeo Falls on Marbled’s website.


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