Review: Sorry Eyes – Something Small And Insignificant

Sorry Eyes may not be a familiar name on the York music scene, but you’ll almost certainly be aware of Chris Marks, the man behind the project. He’s probably best known for the stark, intimate acoustic tracks he records under the name Lake Michigan, and while Sorry Eyes maintains the sense of melancholy that ran though his previous output, the delivery is rather different. His forthcoming EP Something Small And Insignificant is a collection of lo-fi shoegaze instrumentals – have a listen to a track from it below, entitled ‘East-ish’.

Sorry Eyes – ‘East-ish’

‘East-ish’ is built around a series of intriguing post-rock guitar lines – Marks builds them up, pauses for the briefest of moments, then  brings them back with twice the urgency. The song eventually mellows out again, drifting off into the night in a dream-like fashion. Elsewhere on the EP ‘Smiled’ drifts by in a pleasing haze, its drawn-out notes and mesmeric loops evocative of a sleepy summer evening, while ‘Swolen’ [sic?] ramps up the volume a little with its swelling bursts of fuzzy noise. ‘Moss St’ closes out the record, bundling up its rapidly plucked guitar lines into a sort of soothing musical comfort blanket – it’s the perfect evening or late night soundtrack.

The EP will be available to download on Bandcamp soon, with a limited physical release coming via Wolf Town DIY, the same label who put out the self-titled debut Lake Michigan full-length, which you can find here. For those of you in York, Chris is doing a Sorry Eyes show at The Basement on Monday 22nd April, in support of Dutch post-punks Labasheeda. Might not seem like the most obvious fit, but if Something Small And Insignificant has shown us anything, it’s that Chris Marks can succeed at whatever he puts his mind to.


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