Review: Nathan Luke – ‘Honest Love’ Live Session

It’s not often I do reviews of videos – I find they often speak for themselves. This one from York singer-songwriter and all round nice guy Nathan Luke certainly does – watch it below.

In the ‘making of’ video for the session, Nathan is keen to express the importance of playing his songs live. Eschewing a standard music video and instead recording a live session is a potentially risky move, but it’s worked for Nathan in the past and it certainly works very well here. His previous sessions with Fallout Productions were notable for their stark simplicity, allowing the viewer to focus completely on Nathan’s performance – for ‘Honest Love’, however, the stakes have been raised, with the beautiful Holy Trinity Church in Hull being the chosen venue.

Nathan Luke - Holy Trinity Church

Fortunately, rather than draw attention away from his performance, the setting compliments it – it seems quite fitting that a song mourning a lack of “good old fashioned romance” be played in a place where such romance might eventually blossom into something more. The cavernous reverb of the church also plays to Nathan’s advantage, lending even more power to his already dynamic vocals – seriously, those soaring crescendos are spine-tingling.

All told, this live session for ‘Honest Love’ is a bold and very convincing statement of intent. In a world where it’s increasingly difficult for singer-songwriters to really stand out, Nathan Luke takes his own brand of melancholy and delivers it in a way that’s cathartic rather than self-pitying – and for that, he’s very much worthy of your attention.


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