Local Artist Of The Whenever #14: Miaow Miaow

Miaow Miaow

It’s fair to say there aren’t enough perverse electro-pop bands in York – but luckily, we have Miaow Miaow to fill that particular gap in the market. Listening to their music, it’s quite clear they’ve got their sights set on other gaps to fill… I can’t believe I just wrote that. Anyway, the band was formed by the twisted minds of Aled Haywood and Pete Wise, who are aided and abetted in their affairs by Mikey Donnelly.

A recent recording session in Norwich resulted in a new Miaow Miaow track being unleashed onto the world – it’s called ‘Tiger Suit’, and you can hear it over on the band’s Myspace. It’s possibly about going out and having a good time whilst wearing one of those animal-print onesies (or maybe just a bit of good old-fashioned leopard print). “Oooh, don the pelt of a life more colourful” they coo, over spiky guitars and a regimented drumbeat – the falsetto chant of “animal, vegetable, or mineral?” in the song’s mid-section is also a goofy highlight. Of course, there’s more where that came from.’Ladventurin” sounds like Franz Ferdinand and Crystal Castles going on a particularly lary month-long bender, while ‘My Brains, Your Brawn’ mixes Foals-esque guitars with wonky Metronomy-style synths, and the lyrics will certainly raise a chuckle or two (my personal favourite being “My love for you’s largely asthetic/I like you best when you’re asleep”).

To celebrate the recording of ‘Tiger Suit’, the band will be hosting a gig at The Duchess in York on the 28th December. Support comes from Puppets, Twin Pines and Thomas Robinson, and the DJs from We Don’t Sleep At Night will be spinning some records after the show. Find out more details about the event here. Looking into 2012, they’ve got a gig lined up at 93 Feet East in London on the 31st January, which you can find out more about here. Also in the pipeline is a recording session with former Neon Plastix member Patrick Goss, which should yield some interesting results – hopefully it’ll be another opportunity for the band to hone their quirky, smirk-inducing style.

Find Miaow Miaow on Facebook here.


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