Local Artist Of The Whenever #12: …And The Hangnails

...And The Hangnails - No Time For Naysayers

When it comes to band members, sometimes less can be more – and York-based two-piece …And The Hangnails provide excellent justification for that statement. The band started when Martyn Fillingham (Vocals/Guitars) and Steven Reid (Drums) decided to set themselves a challenge – write an album in four days. It says something of their sheer motivation that they wrote more than enough tracks for the record in less than the allotted time, and you can hear a selection of tracks from it below:

No Time For Naysayers kicks of with the scuzzy guitars and ferocious howl of ‘Fear Only Fear’, which sounds like a lo-fi take on The Black Keys, while ‘Nobody Loves You When You’re Down’ sounds like The White Stripes with the distortion cranked up. There’s also the nonchalant blues-rock of ‘Days Yet To Come’ and some vicious riffage on ‘Nothing Better’ and ‘We Can Change It’. Throughout the record, you really get the feel that the duo are giving their all, as evidenced by the no-holds-barred screams that end ‘Broken Bottle/Tooth And Nail’ and the relentless energy of ‘Slipping Away’.

No Time For Naysayers is a raw, powerful debut that demonstrates that, even at this early stage, the band have got a strong grasp on what makes their punky blues-rock so engaging. They’re not taking any time to rest on their laurels though – with talk of a follow-up record already being planned, you can expect to hear much more from …And The Hangnails next year.

Find …And The Hangnails on Facebook here.



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