Local Artist Of The Whenever #11: Endangered Species

Endangered Species - Sad Face EP

Have you ever been broken-hearted? I’d hazard a guess that Endangered Species certainly has. Endangered Species is the alter ego of York-based singer-songwriter Oli Grabowski, and the music he makes is the sound of one man, his heartache, and positively cavernous amounts of reverb. His debut release, the Sad Face EP, was recorded and released by fledgling York label Bad Paintings – you can find their website here, and listen to/download the EP itself below.

The huge, melancholy sound created by the guitars on EP-opener ‘Leave’ is only matched by the depths of despair that the track’s lyrics conjure up. “Will you still love me tomorrow/with all the pain that you borrow?” sings Grabowski, his words almost lost in the expansiveness of his own creation. ‘I Remember Now’ is equally heart-wrenching, with its simple but arresting sentiment – “I want you to know/it hurts every day/that you don’t come back/you never come back.” Final track ‘Never Let Me Go’ lightens the mood a little with its upbeat guitar riffs, but its unabashed longing feels almost bittersweet, as much an admission of loneliness as it is declaration of desire.

If you’re in York and fancy seeing Endangered Species play live, then head down to the Folk/Acoustic Extravaganza at The Basement on the 8th November. Also on the bill are Me & My Friends, Alisia Casper, Brian Stafford, and Travels By Telephone – full details of that event can be found here.

Overall, the Sad Face EP is an excellent first insight into the world of Endangered Species. Despite just being the product of one man and a guitar, these are songs that carry both musical and emotional weight – as such, they feel remarkably complete and cohesive.

Find Endangered Species on Facebook here.


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