Let’s Get Cynical’s October-So-Far Roundup

Another one of those posts where I cover a variety of different, not-really-related things – let us waste no more time and get on with it, shall we?

Esben And The Witch

Following on from their excellent debut full-length Violet Cries, Esben And The Witch have announced they’ll be releasing a new EP before the end of the year. It’s entitled Hexagons, as are all six tracks on it – you may recall ‘Hexagons IV’ from the album, which appears here alongside five new songs. You can stream and download one of them, ‘Hexagons II (The Flight)’, right here. The track begins with panicked synths with pulsating drums, before a melancholy guitar line cuts through the track with a singular clarity. Vocalist Rachel Davies is on typically mesmerising form, her fearful cries of “So wild, so wide, so wild their eyes” piercing through the encroaching haze of guitars as the track builds to its climax. On the strength of this new track, Hexagons is a tantalising prospect.

Hexagons EP is released on 7th November on Matador Records.

Stalking Horse

Leeds-based Stalking Horse is the brainchild of ex-This Et Al frontman Wu, and his new single ‘Waterhole’ packs a satisfying punch, with relentless beats, crunching guitars and an arresting vocal turn. It reminds me a little of Grammatics, so it’s probably no surprise that Wu has got that band’s ex-frontman playing in the live incarnation of Stalking Horse… speaking of which, they’re one of many bands playing Constellations Festival on the 12th November at Leeds University, so if you want to see them live, there’s your chance.

‘Waterhole’ is released on 7th November.

The Horrors

The Horrors recently recorded a cover of Beyoncé’s ‘Best Thing I Never Had’, which in my opinion shits all over the original (but then again, I wasn’t really a fan of it in the first place). Have a listen to it below, courtesy of Abeano.

The Horrors – ‘Best Thing I Never Had’ (Beyonce Cover)

If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a new video for ‘I Can See Through You’, the second single to be taken from the band’s latest record Skying. Well worth a listen, as is the album itself.

Skying is out now on XL Recordings

Los Campesinos!

Here’s another new Los Campesinos! track for your ears, the title track from their forthcoming album Hello Sadness – a galloping tale of heartbreak that sees Gareth’s lyricism at its most devastatingly raw. “It’s only hope that springs eternal/and that’s the reason why/this dripping from my broken heart is never running dry.”

Los Campesinos! – ‘Hello Sadness’

It’s also worth reminding you that today is the last day you can get your hands on the album pre-order bundles, so if you haven’t sorted yours out yet then get to it.

Hello Sadness is released on 14th November on Wichita Recordings 

Johnny Foreigner

Finally, Johnny Foreigner have released another teaser from their third album Johnny Foreigner vs. Everything, and it’s got an awesome stop-motion video to go with it. Check out the twinkly, Kelly-sung ‘200x’ below.

Even more importantly however, is the fact that pre-orders for the album are now available, including sweet t-shirt bundles and a 20-page comic/art book with the first 400 copies – so if you want a copy, don’t hang around. Get all the details over on JoFo’s blog, or head straight over to the Alcopop shop to see what’s on offer.

Johnny Foreigner Vs. Everything is released on 7th November on Alcopop records.


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