Local Artist Of The Whenever #10: Justine


In terms of solo artists in the York area, Justine is a little different – instead of favouring the more usual guitar, she accompanies herself with a piano. Now, given the national popularity of the likes of Birdy and the all-pervasive Adele, that might seem like an odd thing to say – but as far as I can tell, there aren’t that many people doing similar things on a local level. Fortunately, Justine feels like a much more interesting proposition, thanks to a frank and honest lyrical streak that’s more akin to the likes of Kate Nash. ‘Trying’ is an open, genuine account of the trials and tribulations of being young and heartbroken – Justine doesn’t do anything too fancy with the piano, but that only serves to highlight her bright, effortlessly pretty vocals.

Justine – ‘Trying’ (Demo)

She also manages to infuse the covers she does with the same honesty as her own material, and her beautifully simple take on The Beatles’ ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’ is the perfect example.

Justine – ‘Hold Your Hand’

If you’re in York and want to see her live (which I’d recommend), you can catch her at The Basement on the 27th October, and at Stereo on the 29th November – she’s supporting Ellen And The Escapades on that latter date, which should be pretty sweet.

Justine is an artist I’d really like to hear more original songs from – while she does some great covers, I think she has the potential to become better known for her own music. All it’ll take is a bit of confidence in her self-penned material – and based on what she’s written so far, she should absolutely believe in her ability to come up with more.

Also, I did an interview with Justine for BBC Introducing In York And North Yorkshire a little while back, and that should be going out this Saturday 15th October between 6-7 pm on BBC Radio York. So if you want to find out more about Justine, have a listen (I’ll stick the iPlayer link here after the broadcast).

Find Justine on Facebook here.


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