Local Artist Of The Whenever #9: Honeytone Cody

Honeytone Cody - Witch Hunt EP

It’s fair to say that Honeytone Cody are both undeniably talented and rather tricky to pin down, refusing to be pigeonholed or confined by notions of genre. The band comprises of Elle Nelson (Vocals/Bass), Elliot Nelson (Guitars/Drums) and Martell James, and together they make dynamic, atmospheric rock music that’s beguiling in its sinister feel. The group will shortly be releasing a new EP entitled Witch Hunt, and today they’ve unveiled the first track from it – it’s called ‘White Queen’, and you can listen to it below:

Honeytone Cody – ‘White Queen’

Beginning with a thrum of noise, the track effortlessly flits between different guitar sounds – first buzzing and humming with menace, then echoing spaciously, before whipping up a chaotic squall in the chorus. The track is underpinned by relentless, propulsive drumming, while Elle’s captivating vocals float over the track like a distant siren song.

If you like the sound of that, then the EP is out on the 17th October on the band’s own label, Tiki Voodoo records. However, if you’re in York and wish to get your hands on a copy a few days early, I’d recommend you attend the EP launch party at The Basement on the 14th October, where the band will have 50 copies of the EP available for sale. Not only that, but they’ll be playing a headline set, with support being more than ably provided by Fawn Spots, Sombre and Undersex. More details on that event right here. They’re also supporting Three Trapped Tigers at Stereo on the 13th November, which will be another great show.

In all honesty, Honeytone Cody are the kind of unique, intriguing act that deserves an audience far beyond the city walls of York. By arming themselves with songs as good as this, there’s every chance 2012 could be a breakout year for them – and if there’s any justice, it’ll be theirs for the taking.

Visit Honeytone Cody’s website here, or find them on Facebook here.


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