Feist Offers Up Album Stream (In Exchange For Your Email)

Feist - Metals

It’s fair to say that Feist’s career has gone from strength to strength. After the critical and commercial success of her second record Let It Die, her surprise breakout hit ‘1234’ lead to third album The Reminder going on to reach an even wider audience. She’s taken her time coming out with the follow up, but now you can finally wrap your ears around it – Metals is available to stream now on Feist’s website – all you have to do is part with your email address.

And to be honest, I’d highly recommend you do that, as Metals finds the Canadian singer-songwriter on typically beguiling form. ‘The Bad In Each Other’ opens the record with dusty, desert-worn guitars, before a tasteful, restrained orchestral arrangement swells up in the song’s chorus – a chorus that sees Feist lamenting the fact that good people can sometimes bring out the worst in each other. Tracks like ‘Caught A Long Wind’ maintain a sparse, almost cinematic atmosphere – by contrast, ‘How Come You Never Go There’ feels like a more straightforward pop song, with a chirpy, upbeat feel that’s juxtaposed against the feeling of weariness that comes through in the lyrics.

Elsewhere, ‘A Commotion’ is driven along by an urgent string section, while ‘Undiscovered First’ ends with a punchy, bluesy stomp – but the real draw is Feist’s skill in chronicling human emotions. The beautifully melancholy ‘Bittersweet Melodies’ sees Feist emotionally trapped in a moment in time (“can’t go back, can’t go on,”) while ‘Comfort Me’ brings with it the guilty admission that “When you comfort me/it doesn’t bring me comfort, actually.” Overall, Metals is an accomplished album of great depth and beauty – Feist has done it again.

Metals is released on 3rd October on Polydor records.


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