Zola Jesus Releases New Album, Listen To It Now

Zola Jesus - Conatus

Ok, I’m a little slow here (as seems to be the norm recently), but as this is one of my most anticipated records of the year, I pretty much had to do a post about it. Conatus, the new record from Zola Jesus, is out right about now, and the Guardian have been streaming it for the past few days. There’s also a neat little track-by-track from the lady herself, which is worth a read.

Personally, I’m loving the album. Instrumental track ‘Swords’ sets the scene, before ‘Avalanche’ ramps up the atmosphere – and from thereon out Danilova’s vocal is as distinctive and powerful as ever. Glitchy, oppressive tracks such as ‘Vessel’ and ‘Shivers’ contrast with the more upbeat, almost poppy vibe of tracks like ‘Hikkomori’ and ‘Ixode’. There’s even a poignant, emotive piano ballad in the form of ‘Skin’ – eat your heart out, Adele.

Conatus is available now on Souterrain Transmissions records.


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