Pioneering Physical Format #2: JoFo’s ‘Stingle’ (Also, New Album!)

Johnny Foreigner - (Don't) Show Us Your Fangs

In the early hours of Friday morning, Birmingham three-piece and Let’s Get Cynical favourites Johnny Foreigner finally unveiled the first details of their upcoming third album, as well as streaming two new songs from it. I was tempted to post a gushing response right then and there, but I held off in favour of doing a more objective analysis of ohwhoamIkidding

Johnny Foreigner – ‘(Don’t) Show Us Your Fangs’

This is ‘(Don’t) Show Us Your Fangs’, and it has rapidly become one of my favourite Johnny Foreigner songs. It offers a slightly mellower take on the band’s typically hyperactive sound, with an acoustic guitar driving the track in between twinkling xylophone breaks. Of course, there are the typical JoFo elements that we’ve come to love – the perfectly-placed moment when the electric guitars kick in, the emotionally arresting, bittersweet lyrics (“we caught fire but fire burns bridges best”), and Junior’s relentless drumming (though in this case, it’s also tastefully restrained).

The second track they’ve unveiled brings the pace back up to more usual levels – ‘The Hand That Slaps You Back’ barrels past at 100 mph in a hail of screeching guitars, rapid-fire rhythms and the stick-it-to-the-man attitude of a band burned by the record industry (“Don’t take heart it’s just company policy/you shake the hand, but the hand just slaps you back”).

Johnny Foreigner – ‘The Hand That Slaps You Back’

Continuing their penchant for unconventional physical formats, the band are releasing these two songs on 12th September as a ‘Stingle’ – that is, a ‘Sticker Single’. Yep,  for £1.50 (including postage anywhere worldwide), you get two ace stickers as well as the mp3s of the songs. Said stickers look a bit like this:

You can get your hands on them from the fabulous Alcopop store – they’re limited to 500 pairs though, so be quick about it. The band are also offering prizes for people who find interesting public places to stick their stickers – more details regarding that (and lots of other stuff besides) on the band’s blog.

It’s also very much worth mentioning that the band’s new album will be entitled Johnny Foreigner vs Everything, and will be released on the 7th November on Alcopop records. Full details will be forthcoming shortly, but if these two tracks are anything to go by, this self-recorded LP will be every bit as good as the two that came before it.

Check the brand spanking new Johnny Foreigner website here.


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