Local Artist Of The Whenever #7: Lake Michigan

While there’s already a proliferation of acoustic artists in York, I figure one more won’t hurt anyone – particularly if the artist in question has as much raw talent as Lake Michigan does. Otherwise known as Chris Marks, you may have already seen him performing as one third of Where’s Hollywood?‘s three-guitar assault team – but Lake Michigan is an entirely different prospect. His self-description as a “Post 90s whining teenager” doesn’t really do his music justice – he may only have a collection of rough demos up on his Soundcloud page, but they’re indicative of a fledgling talent that’s poised to imminently take flight.

Lake Michigan – ‘Harmonics Song’ demo

There’s something wonderfully subtle about these songs – even the most intricate-sounding guitar lines seem effortless and natural, while Marks tells his stories in hushed, fragile tones. It all feels deeply personal, but without being self-indulgent – these are intimate, honest tales of distance, love, loss, and bittersweet memories.

Lake Michigan

His music may be relatively simple, but there’s always something to keep things interesting- whether it be the twinkling, music-box sounds he conjures from his guitar on ‘Harmonics Song’, or the intriguing lyrics that run throughout his demos. A perfect example of the latter is the line that gives ‘Jam Jar’ its title – “And every regret/all the fluid from your face/I caught in an empty jam jar.”

Lake Michigan – ‘Jam Jar’ demo

I saw Lake Michigan play his first live show in the basement of Bar Lane Studios recently, and despite being nervous he was completely engaging throughout. I’d recommend that you see for yourself though, so get yourself down to one of the following dates if you can:

It may be early days for Lake Michigan, but all the signs point to something very, very promising coming from Chris Marks’ alter ego. I’d keep an eye on this one.

Find Lake Michigan on Facebook here.


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