Wrong Side Of The River Have The Right Idea

It can’t be easy being a young music fan in York, what with council-imposed restrictions on ID at most of the city’s major venues. (Of course, some kids don’t make it easy for themselves by trying their hardest to drink while underage, but I digress…) Wrong Side Of The River is different – it aims to make music, art and culture accessible to everyone by putting on cheap, all-ages, alcohol free nights at Bar Lane Studios in York. To give you more of an understanding as to what they’re trying to achieve, here’s their manifesto:

  • Everything must be transparent to everyone
  • Everything must be accessible to as many people as possible
  • Everyone has an equal right to contribute
  • The easiest way is always the best way
  • Disregard all of the above

Tongue-in-cheek final comment aside, you get the idea – simple and accessible is the order of the day. Of course, fun is probably a good idea too, and if the first Wrong Side Of The River event is anything to go by, fun shall be had in spades. Said event will take place on Saturday 23rd July at Bar Lane Studios, with excellent new local psychadelic rock outfit Burning Fences headlining. Also on the bill is Manscream, who I must admit to being unfamiliar with, but is described by the organisers as “like being hit with a tidal wave of blood, sweat, tears and make up.” There’ll also be DJs and a record sale to keep you entertained in between bands, all for a mere £3 – check out the Facebook event for full details.

Wrong Side Of The River

If you can’t make this first show, then fear not, as further events are planned for the following dates:

  • Saturday 3rd September
  • Saturday 15th October
  • Saturday 26th November
  • Saturday 10th December

Keep an eye on the Wrong Side Of The River page on Facebook for more details on what exactly will be occurring on those dates. Personally, I wish the team behind this the best of luck with it – anything that makes it easier for people to get out there and enjoy music has got to be a good thing.

Find Wrong Side Of The River on Facebook here.


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