Honour Before Glory Stream Debut Album

Honour Before Glory - This Is Broken Lines

Ex-¡Forward, Russia! guitarist Whiskas has been pretty busy since band went on hiatus in 2008 – not least with his solo project, Honour Before Glory. Today, he announced that he finished recording his debut album last week – and rather than wait for months until the CDs will be ready, he’s decided to share it with us right now. The record is entitled This Is Broken Lines, and you can stream it now on the Honour Before Glory website, or using the player below:

This Is Broken Lines is quite a different proposition to Whiskas’ work with ¡Forward, Russia!, but it’s no less engaging. He’s recruited a wide variety of Leeds-based musicians, including members of bands bands past and present such as Duels, I Like Trains and Shut Your Eyes And You’ll Burst Into Flames, as well as solo artists including Fran Rogers and Sam Airey. Together, they’ve created a wide variety of post-rock leaning tracks – wall-of-sound guitars are a prominent feature, but they’re complimented in varied ways, from the stomping drumbeats of ‘Breaker’ to the wonderful harmonies on ‘This Is Shattered Lights’. ‘Maison’, on the other hand, is a synth-based track that combines buzzing bass with a mellow chiming lead, and album-closer ‘Forever’ is a 7-minute expanse that is, well, simply glorious.

You can download the album now, as well as having the option to pre-order the CD version, which will be released in October. For full details, check out the band’s page on Bandcamp.

This Is Broken Lines is available now from Honour Before Glory’s Bandcamp page.


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