2010 Retrospective: Talons – Hollow Realm

Talons - Hollow Realm

Recently I released that there a few records I really liked last year that I didn’t really get round to talking about properly – Hollow Realm, the debut album from Hereford six-piece Talons, was one of them. I also realised that they were still streaming the entire thing on their website, so go have a listen there – or alternatively, you can check out the stream below:

Hollow Realm is a visceral mix of post-rock, math-rock and post-hardcore tendencies that combine to make a thrilling ride from start to finish. Guitar lines squall, thrash and fly across the fretboard in all the right places and the drumming is constantly propulsive, but the icing on the cake comes in the form of a pair of violins – at times they soar above the rest of the music, and at others they provide dramatic sweeps and stabs that are complimentary and contrasting in equal measure.

‘Peter Pan’ is a good starting point if you’re looking for a concise indication of what the band are capable of, but they really come into their own in their lengthier tracks – ‘St. Mary Will Be The Death Of Us All’ and ‘In The Shadows Of Our Stilted Homes’ are ever-changing, constantly coming up with new ideas. Particularly noteworthy is the way that ‘Great Railroads’ acts as a perfect prelude to epic 10-minute album-closer ‘Hollow Depth’ – the former track starts out understated and methodically-paced, before gradually picking up speed like an unstoppable steam train. ‘Hollow Depth’ itself feels like a culmination of the ideas that have come before it, effortlessly switching between stately bombast and frantic chaos throughout. In short, anyone who enjoys expansive, exciting instrumental rock music would do well to check Talons out.

Hollow Realm is out now on Big Scary Monsters records.


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