Local Artist Of The Whenever #5: Burning Fences

Burning Fences - EP

Burning Fences are a relatively new local band with a decidedly retro sound – their fuzzed-up, psychedelic rock draws inspiration from both 60’s psychedelia and more recent groups such as Spacemen 3. Comprising of Si Mickelthwaite (Guitars/Vocals), Jack Holdstock (Drums) and Dan Barton (Guitars), the group have recently recorded a 4 track EP, which they’ve made freely available via their Bandcamp page. Yep, you can download all four tracks for absolutely nowt – check it out below:

Recorded live in a single session, this is some pretty meaty stuff. ‘Riverrun’ starts out with a menacing two-chord drone before whipping up a squall of noise in the chorus, and ‘Holed Up’ features some pretty thunderous drumming underneath its wall of sound. Particularly impressive is ‘Somehow’, which seems to run the gamut of every possible sound a guitar can make, switching from soaring melody lines to walls of fuzz in an instant –  and I swear there’s a bit that sounds like a helicopter taking off as a missile comes screaming out of the sky.

The band have only played a handful of shows so far, but they’re well worth going to see – the EP gives you a good impression of their sound, but they pack even more of a punch live. I caught them supporting Moon Duo last month and was suitably impressed, but if you’ve missed their gigs so far then fear not – you’ll have another chance fairly soon. Unfortunately I can’t tell you exactly when (as nothing’s been announced yet), but the band are hoping to line up some shows in August – keep an eye out on their Facebook page for more details.

Find Burning Fences on Facebook here.


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