Enemy Of The Charts: Introducing FOE


You may take one look at FOE‘s pink wig and bicycle combo and think that she’s just some sort of twee version of Lady Gaga – but you’d be wrong. Oh so very wrong. FOE (aka Fleet-based musician Hannah Clark) is somewhat of an antithesis to the current crop of female chart stars – and she’s not afraid to take them to task. Nowhere is that clearer than on ‘Genie In A Coke Can’, which sees FOE taking a swipe at big-budget artists (“Millions in marketing of pop star trash/you’re better than that”), over grungy, sinister guitars. Check out her performance of the track for BBC 6 Music below:

‘Tyrant Song’, meanwhile, is miles away sonically from the polished sounds of the Top 40 with its dirty, crunching riffs and wonky synths. So when FOE sings “Are you ready for the next big thing?”, it’s clear she’s being scathing rather than self-aggrandising – and if you weren’t sure, the next line should more than clear it up (“Are you ready for a clown in a g-string?).

Her sassy demeanour and punchy sound should make FOE worth checking out live – she’s on tour throughout July, including a date at The Duchess in York on the 4th July. Given the generally slow nature of the city to react to anything new musically, it’s possible that this is a case of being too far ahead of the game – but I have a feeling this’ll be a show that it’ll be worth being able to say you were there for.

Find FOE on Facebook here.


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