Patrick Wolf Streams New Album (But Only If You’re In The UK, Sorry)

Patrick Wolf - Lupercalia

More streaming action today courtesy of The Guardian and Patrick Wolf. Yep, you can listen to his new album Lupercalia right here – unfortunately, you can only hear the tracks in full if you’re in the UK (you can thank We7 for that, non-UK readers).

Having been fortunate enough to hear the album before now (look out for my review on Muso’s Guide some time next week), I can tell you that it’s yet another stylistic shift for Patrick. Gone is the aggression and melodrama that often defined The Bachelor – in its place, you’ll find a more upbeat, optimistic view on life and love. It’s not all ultra-cheery pop in the vein of lead single ‘The City’ though – ‘The Days’ sees Patrick longing for an escape from loneliness, while ‘Time Of My Life’ sees him standing defiant and moving on from a previous relationship. There’s also a sense that he may have finally found contentment after all these turbulent years, if the heartfelt lyrics of ‘House’ are anything to go by. Watch the video for it below:

Lupercalia is released on Hideout records on the 20th June.


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