There Is A Way (For You To Listen To The New Dananananaykroyd Album Right Now)

Dananananaykroyd - There Is A Way

Need something to liven up your day? Dananananaykroyd have got you covered – thanks to Drowned In Sound, you can stream their new album There Is A Way before its release next week. Produced by Ross Robinson (who’s worked with At The Drive In, Glassjaw and Klaxons), you can expect more of the same riotous, 6-piece rock insanity that defined their debut record, Hey Everyone! when you check out the stream below.

Album-opener ‘Reboot’ sounds as fresh and vital as the band did when they first exploded onto our radars, and the record doesn’t really slow its pace from thereon in. Through chaotic highlight ‘E Numbers’, through the bouncy, poppy ‘Muscle Memory’, all the way to combative closer ‘Make A Fist’, it’s a non-stop party of intense guitars and shouty vocals.

If you’ve listened to the record and reckon it might be a lot of fun live, then you’d almost certainly be right. Check out the band’s website for more details on upcoming shows over the summer.

There Is A Way is released on Pizza College records on the 13th June.


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