Local Artist Of The Whenever #3: Where’s Hollywood?

Where's Hollywood?

This may just be another indication that I’m getting a bit old, but have you ever seen a young local band of such prodigious talent that they make you feel pangs of regret for your own wasted youth? I have, and they’re called Where’s Hollywood? (the question mark being part of the band name, thus making it somewhat awkward to end a sentence with it). The band are Isaac, Ben, Chris and Brodie, and they make instrumental post-rock with a math-rock edge – citing influences such as Don Cabarello, And So I Watch You From Afar, Mogwai and Radiohead. The band employ a slightly unusual setup, with three guitarists, a drummer, and no bassist – but rather than making the music seem over-indulgent, it allows for some intricately interwoven melodies that really bring their songs to life. As an example, check out ‘Honda’, which sounds like Battles on a collision course with Leeds-based post-rock group Vessels.

Where’s Hollywood? – ‘Honda’

Of course, the band should really be seen live to be believed – luckily they’ve got a couple of shows lined up in York over the next month or so. First up is their appearance at Stereo on the 25th June in the first semi-final of the venue’s ‘Last Band Standing’ competition – absolutely worth turning up and showing your support for that one. Chris is also putting on his first gig as Messy Life Promotions at The Basement on the 5th July, which will see Where’s Hollywood play alongside Rosa Valle, We Sleep In This Machine, and Haunts (the solo project of York musican Aled Haywood, not the defunct London rock band) – More details about that gig here. A talented young band who are also trying to do their bit for the local scene? That’s definitely something worth shouting about.

Find Where’s Hollywood? on Facebook here.


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