Local Artist Of The Whenever #2: Fawn Spots

Fawn Spots - Mess

Fawn Spots are loud. And when I say loud, I mean LOUD. Don’t believe me? Have a little look down there. You see that waveform? Best be careful with those headphones – or maybe just hook your laptop up to some speakers and blast it out properly. It’s probably the only way to do these six thrashed-out tracks justice, after all.

Fawn Spots are Jonathan Meager (Guitar/Vocals) and Lee Bowden (Drums/Vocals), and their manifesto might (at first glance) seem to be perfectly encapsulated by ‘Broken’s howl of “IIIII DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M DOING!” But, much akin to bands like Times New Viking and No Age, there’s a vein of pop nous running through their distorted, lo-fi power-punk. Their self-recorded debut EP Mess isn’t just lo-fi for the sake of being lo-fi – it’s an honest, warts-and-all representation of where the band are at right now, and is all the more charming for it. You can expect pretty much the same thing from their energetic live shows, which have seen them support the aforementioned Times New Viking, Nodzzz, and – somewhat incongruously – The Vaccines. In keeping with their DIY sound, the band have home-made CDs and cassettes(!) of Mess on offer, or you can just download the whole thing for free at their Soundcloud page – or, y’know, using the player above. And if you like your music raucous, noisy and fun, I suggest you do just that.

Find Fawn Spots on Facebook here.



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2 responses to “Local Artist Of The Whenever #2: Fawn Spots

  1. Peter

    I love Fawn Spots. I want some.

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