Lost In Space: Wandering In Moon Duo’s Mazes

Moon Duo - Mazes

Moon Duo are Ripley Johnson (of psychadelic rockers Wooden Shjips), and his other half, Sanae Yamada and their music is based on simple, repeated guitar and keyboard riffs, topped of with frazzled solos – and the end result is mesmerising. And yeah, I know that Mazes has been out for a little while now, but I thought I should check it out before the band’s show in York on Sunday (plugplugplug).

Opener ‘Seer’ sounds like The Stooges’ ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’ chilling out in a field somewhere, while title track ‘Mazes’ bounces along on a cheery synth line. ‘Fallout’ starts out sounding like Kasabian’s ‘Reason Is Treason’ but then quickly becomes the kind of thing that said band might have made on their third album – if they were actually anywhere near as ‘psychadelic’ as they like to think they are, that is. On the whole, Mazes is a glorious, sprawling expanse that’s a pleasure to get lost in. If you want to check out the album, it’s on Spotify here, or there’s a still-functioning stream along with a cool little track-by-track commentary by Johnson on Self Titled, which you can find here.

Mazes is out now on Souterrain Transmissions (in Europe) and Sacred Bones (in the US).


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