Something In The (Hawaiian) Air: Friendly Fires Preview Tracks From Pala

If you’re a fan of Friendly Fires then you’re in for a treat today – the band have posted not one, but two new tracks from forthcoming album Pala for your listening pleasure. You’ve probably already heard the record’s fantastic first single ‘Live Those Days Tonight’, but if not, here’s what you missed:

And now, for the first of the new tracks, ‘Hawaiian Air’, featuring typically upbeat drumming, shimmering synths and a soaring chorus – as well as some amusing lyrics about “watching a film with a talking dog” and “skipping the meal for a G&T”. I think all that Hawaiian air might have gone to Ed’s head… still, it’s another corker:

Finally, you can hear another track from the new album, ‘Blue Cassette’ courtesy of Hype Machine. The song concerns discovering a lost keepsake from an old relationship that brings the memories rushing back (“As I hear your voice/it sets my heart on fire”), and is quite cleverly built on what sounds like a warped sample of an old tape playing. Unfortunately I can’t post the nifty little widget they’ve got ( doesn’t like HTML all that much), but if you head over to the Friendly Fires artist page on Hypem you can have a listen to the track and even download it in exchange for your email address. Better still, they’ll have the whole album up there to listen to on Monday (9th May), so check back then for your first chance to hear what’s surely going to be one of the albums of the summer.

Pala comes out on the 16th May, on XL Recordings, and the band already have a healthy amount of tour dates announced for the coming months – keep an eye on the Friendly Fires website here for more.


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