Local Artist Of The Whenever: An Introduction

My article on Monday got me thinking that perhaps I myself haven’t done enough to be supportive of York’s music scene in recent months/years/ever – so I’m going to try and make some small contribution to redress the balance.

So, here’s the deal – I’m going to do more coverage of local artists. I had simply envisioned a ‘local band of the week’ sort of thing, but a) I’m not great when it comes to imposing time constraints on myself and b) I’d feel like an idiot if I ended up not having a bands I wanted to talk about every week. Besides, the phrase “band of the week” suggests a certain transient ‘nowness’, which isn’t really what I’m aiming for. So instead, you get the vaguely defined ‘Local Artist Of The Whenever’ (because I couldn’t possibly just call this feature something sensible like ‘Local Artist Spotlight’).

To get the ball rolling I’m going to talk about a few of my favourite local artists, but if you’re a local artist and you want me to have a listen to you, then email me at letsgetcynical@live.com. A couple of points I should make before you do:

– I cannot guarantee that I will like you, nor can I guarantee that I will talk about you. Regardless of the former, the latter is probably more likely if I think you’ve got something interesting to say, or something to contribute to the live scene in some way.

– Please don’t think I’m someone desperately important – you may well recognise me as the skinny, sarcastic guy who works the bar/box office at The Duchess. I’m simply a guy with a laptop, an opinion, and a desire to see more support for live music in York.

Imagine a baton marked ‘York’s Music Scene’. I’ve neglected it, kicked it around, and scorned it in the past – guess it’s about time I tried picking it up and running with it.


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