Local Artist Of The Whenever #1: Missing Kids

Missing Kids

If you think about the musical combination of boy+girl+guitar+drums, your thoughts will, no doubt, immediately turn to The White Stripes. Missing Kids aren’t really anything like that – their drummer’s better for a start (sorry Meg). A slightly more accurate comparison might be with Blood Red Shoes, if that band swapped seats and traded in their ferocious temperament for a more relaxed, slightly twee vibe and some wry lyrics.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Missing Kids are Dave Mudie (guitar/vocals) and Steph Anderson (drums/backing vocals), and not only are they two of the nicest people you might hope to meet, they’re also one of the best bands playing in this city right now. Not because of any overblown showmanship or ridiculous virtuosity – they’re simply two people taking a straightforward idea and executing it brilliantly. Slightly fuzzy guitars match up with sweetly sung, rough-around-the-edges vocals and tight-as-hell, no-nonsense drumming, and the result is effortlessly charming.

Mudie also has a way with words, with ‘Little Things’ containing a particular highlight – “I can read you like a magazine/the kind you like/glossy covers and fuck all in between.”  It’s a track that sees the band at their most stripped back, with sparsely strummed guitar, some cute vocal harmonies and a quiet but resolute drumbeat – it’s disarmingly effective and probably my favourite track of theirs.

Both the above tracks are taken from the band’s first release, the Missing Kids EP, which you can download from their Bandcamp page or purchase on CD from Sea Records. Their next show in York is supporting wonderful and underrated three-piece The Wave Pictures at The Duchess on Tuesday 10th May, so make sure you turn up early – if previous shows supporting the likes of Abe Vigoda, Yuck and Mazes are anything to go by, it’s sure to be a treat.

Find Missing Kids on Facebook here.

P.S. Shameless plug: check out my review of the new record by The Wave Pictures here.


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