Things I’ll Be Missing While I’m At Work #1: Mazes

To the uninitiated, working in a live music venue seems like a great way to get paid to see gigs, but the problems with this happy thought are twofold. If you do happen to be working when a band you actually like is playing, you’ll often be too busy to actually enjoy the gig itself. More often than not though, you’ll end up stuck watching bands you’d rather not see and wish you were in a different venue, watching something else. And so it is for me next weekend, when I will be obliged to subject myself to another show by Sandi Thom (of culturally confused “I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair” fame) when I’d rather be across town at Stereo checking these guys out:

Not sure why the lead singer of Mazes sounds so American when the band were formed in Manchester, but I guess it fits in with their US-leaning, fuzzy guitar-based sound so I’ll forgive them that. If you enjoyed that then you can stream the entirety of their debut album A Thousand Heys on Spotify here. They’ve also got tour dates planned in the very near future, including the aforementioned date at Stereo in York on the 29th – all the dates can be found here.



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2 responses to “Things I’ll Be Missing While I’m At Work #1: Mazes

  1. marck

    They were very good, sorry to say!
    As were Milk Maid and Missing Kids 🙂

    • letsgetcynical

      Did manage to catch the first half of their set so it wasn’t a total loss! Enjoyed all the bands on the bill actually, great night. Plus I managed to skip Sandi Thom entirely, which is always a bonus. 🙂

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