Pioneering Physical Format #1: JoFo’s ‘Frisbeep’

Johnny Foreigner have never been the kind of band who forsake physical formats, but their most recent release takes their love for the tangible in an unexpected and entertaining new direction. Behold Certain Songs Are Cursed, the first ever ‘Frisbee EP’ (aka ‘Frisbeep’):

So shiny you can see your face in it (kinda). The CD is on the back:

Pretty cool no? Guaranteed to bolster your indie credentials in your local park this summer. Almost makes me want to go out and play some Frisbee – and I suck at Frisbee.

Before you go rushing off outdoors though, you might want to detach the CD from the bottom of the Frisbee, as it happens to have some pretty cool songs on it (and besides, you don’t want the disc to get scratched when a wayward throw sends your Frisbee into the nearest tree).

Like the two sides of a Frisbee, Certain Songs Are Cursed is an EP of two halves – ‘What Drummers Get’ and ‘Twin Sisterzz’ are both riotous slabs of JoFo’s signature ‘tweecore’, with Alexei and Kelly’s duelling vocals battling it out above squalling guitars and Junior’s breakneck drumming. Both songs definitely have the sort of moments that make JoFo songs so special, whether it be the guitar breakdown at the end of ‘What Drummers Get’, or the brief a cappella section featured in ‘Twin Sisterzz’.

The latter two tracks, on the other hand, are slower-paced and more contemplative – ‘Johnny Foreigner Vs You (Cursed Version)’ is a piano-driven(!) lament, while ‘Certain Songs’ is a poignant acoustic ballad that explores the theme of ‘cursed songs’, and features an anonymous fan reading a brief piece on the subject that was originally written by Alexei. It’s a nice touch that rounds off the EP pretty well.

Sadly the Frisbeep is now totally sold out, but you can still get the tracks from the Alcopop store here. The band have also just started a UK/European Tour, dates and details can be found on the band’s blog.



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