These New Puritans Release Hidden Live Footage

I hate snow. If it wasn’t for snow, I would have actually been in Berlin to watch These New Puritans playing this:

If, like me, you managed to miss the band’s Hidden Live shows, then this video gives you a pretty good impression of what they would have been like – which is to say, fucking amazing. The video is of the band’s encore from their show at Hebbel Am Ufer in Berlin, and features instrumental track ‘Irreversible’ and a re-worked version of ‘En Papier’. You can also download a live version of ‘Hologram’ from the same show by heading over to their website.

If you happen to live near Murcia in Spain (or fancy a trip in that direction), there will be one final performance of Hidden Live at the SOs48 Festival on the 6th May. The band also have a headline show scheduled for May 18th at Heaven in London, which will apparently feature “an expanded band lineup – playing music new, old and current”. There are also a smattering of European dates announced for the summer – look here for more details and ticket links.


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