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Let’s Get Cynical: Post Election Blues

Well, the results are in, and are entirely inconclusive. Cleggmania disappeared as quickly as it came, but Cameron still couldn’t quite get an overall majority. But while we wait for Cameron to inevitably force his way into power one way or another, have a playlist:

Radiohead – ‘Electioneering’

“I’ll go forwards and you’ll go backwards, and somewhere we will meet.”

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – ‘Berlin’

“Suicide’s easy: what happened to the revolution?”

The Automatic – ‘This Is A Fix’

“A bandage won’t suffice, will not make it right. They believed the words… it cost them their lives.”

Future Of The Left – ‘The Hope That House Built’

“Come join, come join our hopeless cause, come join, come join our lost cause.”

PJ Harvey – ‘The Whores Hustle And The Hustlers Whore’

“All around me, people bleed… speak to me your song of greed.”

Blur – ‘This Is A Low’

“And the Queen, she’s gone round the bend… jumped off Land’s End. And the radio says, ‘This is a low’…”

Johnny Foreigner – ‘Criminals’

“Your town’s run by criminals, sold you out and closed your clubs for what?”

The Horrors – ‘Excellent Choice’

“Now I don’t want to question your decision… in my opinion, you’ve made an excellent choice.”

The Streets – ‘Stay Positive’

“Just try to stay positive…”

Links: Spotify // Youtube

(Apologies for the shoddy quality of some of the Youtube videos, just working with what I can find here.)


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