Oasis = Noasis: Noel quits.

I’m sure this issue has probably already been tweeted to death in the half a day since the story broke, but for those who aren’t aware yet – Noel Gallagher has quit Oasis. No doubt this event pleased almost as many people as it upset – personally, I’m not exactly a massive fan, but I don’t hate their guts either. I just think that the way this has happened is pretty lame overall.

Now, I’m sure the ‘altercation’ that happened in Paris wasn’t enough in itself to force Noel to quit – rather, it was probably a case of “the straw that broke the camel’s back”. But, by snapping at this point, Noel has surely consigned Oasis to go out with the most pathetic of whimpers. Half of V Festival written off (unavoidably, admittedly) due to illness, and then the tail-end of the tour cancelled because of a hissy-fit backstage? Disappointing tens of thousands of fans isn’t exactly the ideal way to end your legacy is it? But hey, who am I to tell Noel that he should’ve at least stuck it out until the end of the tour – I don’t have to put up with Liam, after all.

So, what now for the band? Oasis as we know them are finished, one way or another. Much of the press coverage around the story suggests that the band will indeed split – but should Liam and the remaining members continue to use the Oasis name, the fact remains that the band has lost their principle songwriter. Even if a replacement lead guitarist is found, the band would still be left with Liam writing the songs – and while his contributions have steadily increased over recent years, there’s still only about an album’s worth of Liam-penned tunes in the entire Oasis back-catalogue. The other option would be to draft in another songwriter, but that would make using the name Oasis a stretch and would surely be opposed by Noel. Similarly, the band could feasibly continue to play live, but doing so without Noel on board would probably only serve to tarnish their reputation further.

Alan McGee, the man who signed them in the early days, reckons that the brothers will go their separate ways musically, but then eventually reform for a ‘reunion’ tour – ‘do a Blur’ if you will. Speaking of Blur, funny how the fortunes of the old Britpop rivals have so suddenly changed – after their well-received comeback shows this summer, the stage is set for Blur to do whatever they please, while Oasis have pretty much reached the lowest point possible. Still, the success of Blur’s comeback (and that of numerous other bands that seem to have reformed recently) shows that there’s always a place for nostalgia – hell, the continued success of Oasis before this point is testament to that. It might be a few years, but if the brothers do get round to reconciling their differences (or their bank balances need topping up), there’s every chance they’ll come swaggering back.


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