Plastiscines’ new single is their best song yet!

… don’t worry, it’s still pretty rubbish.

For those not familiar with Plastiscines, their primary appeal is that they’re four (ok, three and a half) hot French girls – a fact that basically served as a thin justification for sub-Libertines-with-a-French-accent nonsense such as ‘Mister Driver’. This basically means that a lot of French girls probably hate them for one reason or another, and I wouldn’t blame them.

New single ‘Barcelona’, on the other hand, has a more well-polished sheen about it. To be fair, it at least starts promisingly, with guitars crunching in a satisfyingly White Stripes-esque way, complete with the kind simple ‘thud-thud-thud’ drumming that works so well for said band. However, that’s usually followed by some guitar theatrics from Jack White, and we’re obviously not going to get that here. Instead, we get a fairly limp pop-rock chorus with puddle-deep lyrics: “I like romancing/but I don’t wanna” makes The Ting Tings look positively philosophical. Unfortunately, the band dispense with the White Stripes riffage within a minute and a half, leaving the song to meander aimlessly to its conclusion without the only thing that made it vaguely interesting.

Let’s go back to the lyrics for a minute. They’re a confused jumble of words that are in places meaningless, trite, lazy and nonsensical – never more so than in the utterly terrible bridge/coda, which sounds like it was written using ‘My First Rhyming Dictionary’. Seriously: “Going mad/going mad/not too bad/not too bad” … what the hell?

For all its flaws, it is irritatingly catchy though… which I suppose makes Plastiscines the French answer to the aforementioned Ting Tings. I’d certainly swap the guy with the glasses for three French girls – take a look for yourself:

You can get some pretty funny stills of the lead singer, as the preview aptly demonstrates.

And a final thought: Aren’t those heels ridiculous?


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